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Smoking Man

Welcome to Strughold Mining, Co.

Here our main focus is on the "minor" characters and on pre-x-files fanfic. Marita, Krycek, CSM, Teena Mulder, Cassandra Spender, Bill Mulder, Jeffrey Spender, Samantha Mulder, Melissa Scully, Diana Fowley, Monica Reyes, John Doggett, Brad Follmer, the Syndicate, etc. So many under-explored, under-appreciated characters that deserve some equal treatment!

Marita and Krycek Jeffrey Spender Syndicate CSM WMM Strughold Reyes and Doggett Teena and the Smoking Man arguing Cassandra Spender smiling


Marita looking at Krycek

Just like the Syndicate, we have a couple of rules here...

  • *** Don’t be a jerk! :)
  • *** Don’t come here to be a troll

Like we said, we also can’t get enough pre-xf (pre-x-files). A lot of the pre-xf stuff here centers around the Mulder family, the Spender household, Teena/CSM, young CSM and Cassandra, etc., but we’re always open to anything else pre-xf!


Teena Fox and Samantha Mulder at Halloween Teena Mulder and the Smoking Man in the 1970s Syndicate Members at El Rico Samantha Mulder and Fox Mulder when they were kids Smoking Man aiming at JFK Cassandra Spender at El Rico

We are thrilled to take any submissions that you send our way!

Trust us, we’re a friendly group here, and we welcome all types of creativity. If you’d like to be a regular contributor to Strughold Mining Co., you can sign up for an account, and set up your profile!

Smoking Man at his desk
Slash, noromo, romance, pure old fashioned smut, bizarre pairings, new pairings, crossovers, photo manipulations, collages...we’re happy to see it all here at Strughold Mining.