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Strughold Mining Co Fanart Listing
136 Master of Lies (Cassandra Spender/CSM) 2011-10-10 SyndicateGirl
97 Young Cassandra Spender and the Smoking Man 2011-06-30 BehindNorthernLights
94 Phantom of the X 2011-06-27 TN1
93 X-Files Care Bears 2011-06-25 SyndicateGirl
84 Señor Un Zapato 2011-06-24 Dana Doggett
85 Grief Knits Two Hearts 2011-06-24 Dana Doggett
86 Visualize Eternity 2011-06-24 Dana Doggett
87 Fearless 2011-06-24 Dana Doggett
69 Pre-X-Files (Pre-XF) Collage 2011-06-12 SyndicateGirl
70 Teena's Memories Collage 2011-06-12 SyndicateGirl
71 Marita Covarrubias - Strength and Beauty 2011-06-12 SyndicateGirl
72 Young CSM and Cassandra Spender 2011-06-12 SyndicateGirl
68 County Fair Cover Art 2011-06-11 SyndicateGirl