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Submission Guidelines


Submitting fanfic is easy! Honest.

CSM with his typewriterJust login to your account, and start uploading your fanfic straight to the Strughold Mining Co. WYSIWYG editor. And yes, Mr. Bloodworth, nom de plumes are allowed.

Nothing is off limits here - anything goes! Romance, noromo, pure old fashioned smut, fluff, pre-xf, x-files childhood, slash, original characters, G-XXX ratings, horror, comedy, drama, sci-fi, crossovers, strange pairings, unexplored pairings, etc.

Whatever you submit, please be sure to use the appropriate rating for your story to give readers a heads up!

CSM in the Pentagon archives

And please use the keywords and checkboxes so that your work can be easily found on the site. Don’t want your masterpiece getting lost in the files!

Fan Art & Videos

Pretty much anything goes here, too! Whatever your mind can conjure, we will be happy to have it on the site. That said, the main focus of the site is on the lesser known characters, non-Mulder/Scully pairings, and/or pre-x-files stuff. So bonus points if you can keep it focused on something other than Mulder/Scully snogging! CSM in front of a TV

As for uploading: Fan art can be uploaded directly on the site. Just log in to your account, and start uploading your magnificent creations.

If you have a video that you want to share, ship us an email, and we'll send you easy uploading instructions. Please also include the title, name/username, and any contact info that you would like listed with your music video/fan video. Thanks!